In-Person School Visit Programs

Instilling a love for reading and encouraging a future generation of writers is my passion! I offer local school visits (within 50 miles of Hebron, NY) at a cost of $400 per day. This fee is waved if a minimum of 50 books are pre-ordered. No charge for transportation or accommodations. For visits that are outside of the local 50 mile radius, transportation or accommodation costs may apply.

My school visits are ideal for K-3rd grade and can accommodate up to 3 sessions per day which could include:

  • Reading the children’s book of your choice
  • PowerPoint presentation/presentations to large assembly
  • Individual classroom workshop program
  • Round-table small group one-on-one mentorship
    PLUS:  Book-signing – I’d love to personally inscribe any copies of my books that have been purchased (Pre-orders can be purchased directly through me. I can provide a one-sheet of all of my books that can be copied and sent home to parents).

Often times I start by reading the selected children’s book to students. Then we can tackle one of the following activities:

Frisky Finn Makes a Friend Programs:

Frisky Finn Makes a Friend promotes diversity and celebrates everyone’s differences. Therefore, we will encourage students to do the same.

Option 1:
Students will write on a piece of paper write one unique (and positive) thing about the person sitting next to them. I will collect the pieces of paper and randomly read them out loud. Students will be encouraged to cheer and celebrate these differences as they are called out.

Option 2:
Leveraging my Equine Management degree, I will give a presentation about diversity within horses. This PowerPoint presentation will include different horse breeds and how their unique differences make them suited for different jobs/ environments. Students will be encouraged to call out the differences they see between the breeds to make it an interactive presentation.

Option 3:
Students will be given the first sentence of a story, they will then have 15-20 minutes to finish the story. Students will be asked to share their stories. To round out the session, we will discuss how different the stories are, even though they all started the same, and how diversity in experiences, interests, plays a part in this.

Frisky Finn Meets His Match Programs:

Frisky Finn Meets His Match focuses on teaching kids that winning isn’t everything. Sometimes when you lose, you gain something even more important.

Option 1:  This activity will have students play a simple game where they can win or lose (ex: tic tac toe or hangman). After, we will discuss how the winner felt, vs the loser. Emphasis will be placed on if the students enjoyed the activity, how to cope with negative feelings when they lose, and what they learned for next time they play. For example, starting in a different location in tic tac toe may yield different results.

Option 2:  PowerPoint presentation discussing real life examples of famous people and how they failed before succeeding. This presentation will be interactive, asking students questions and encouraging them to think about times in their life where they may have “lost” and what they learned from the experience.

Option 3:
My children’s books are based on my real life animals. I will discuss some of those animals and how they inspired certain parts of my stories.  Then students will be given 10-15 minutes to brainstorm their own story idea based on something in their life and share with the class. I will walk around during this brainstorm session to assist students as needed.

Bring the Real Life Frisky Finn to School Option:

The Frisky Finn children’s book series is based on my real life horse Finn. Finn is an 8 year old quarter horse that I have raised since he was 8 months old. For schools interested in an outdoor assembly, Finn can be trucked to the campus. Children would get to meet Finn, see some of his fun tricks (He can say yes, no, shake, and bow) and I would share some fun facts about horses and how to care for them. Children would be able to pet Finn and pose for photos before concluding the session. Note: this option is available on a case by case basis. Additional fees may be applicable. 

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